AI Usage Policy


This AI Usage Policy (“Policy”) outlines the guidelines and practices for the use of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) tools and technologies on By accessing and using the AI features on this website, users agree to adhere to this Policy.


The primary purpose of using AI on is to enhance user experience, provide personalized content recommendations, and assist users in navigating the website efficiently.

Data Privacy

AI tools on will respect user privacy. Personal data will not be stored or used without explicit user consent. Any data used to train or refine the AI models will be anonymized and stripped of personally identifiable information.

Ethical Use

Users are expected to use AI tools on ethically and responsibly. Misuse, including attempts to deceive or manipulate the AI, is strictly prohibited.

Transparency commits to transparency in its use of AI. Any content or recommendations generated by AI will be clearly labeled as such. Users have the right to know the logic behind AI-generated content or decisions upon request.


While AI can provide valuable insights and assistance, it is not infallible. Users are encouraged to use their judgment and discretion when interacting with AI tools. is not responsible for any decisions made solely based on AI recommendations.

Feedback and Improvements

Users are encouraged to provide feedback on AI tools to help improve their accuracy and relevance. will periodically review and update AI models to ensure they align with the website’s goals and user needs.

Third-party AI Tools

If third-party AI tools are used on, they will adhere to this Policy and any additional terms set by the third-party provider.

Changes to the Policy reserves the right to update this Policy at any time. Users will be notified of significant changes and are encouraged to review the Policy periodically.


For any questions or concerns regarding this AI Usage Policy, please contact [email protected]. Protection Status